Rapper [twitter=therealeternia]Eternia[/twitter] is devoted to community initiatives, and this Christmas she doesn’t disappoint. Partnering up with OXFAM, Eternia is asking fans and supporters to assist children, women, and men in need by providing sustainable solutions for those living in developing countries.

Instead of celebrating with shopping malls, retail stores, name brands & holiday parties during this season, I have decided to celebrate Christmas this year w/ the true spirit of the season…giving. I have set up a wish list with Oxfam Unwrapped. This means I will receive your best wishes in a gift card and your present will go to those men, women and children in our global family who need it most, says the rapper in a skirt.

To choose your own gift (ranging from a Household Emergency Kit for a family of 3, to safe drinking water), visit Oxfam Unwrapped.