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Suge Knight Rants About 2Pac Shooting, Calls Out Diddy + Says Pac Is Alive

Last night in LA, Suge Knight ranted and proceeded to call out his long time rival Diddy, while also claiming that Tupac is still alive

May 02, 2014 News, Videos
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Warrant Issued For Suge Knight’s Arrest

As a result of a missed court appearance, a warrant has been issued for the arrest of former Death Row CEO Suge Knight.

January 21, 2014 News
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Jimmy Henchman Ordered 2005 Shooting Of Suge Knight

A cooperating witness has told federal investigators that he shot Suge Knight in 2005 as a result of orders from Jimmy Henchman.

November 13, 2013 News
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Two Arrest Warrants Issued For Suge Knight’s Arrest

Former Death Row CEO Suge Knight is in trouble with the law once again as two warrants have been issued for his arrest

July 02, 2013 News
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Ruthless Records Co-Founder Jerry Heller Claims Eazy-E Wanted Suge Knight Dead

Ruthless Records co-founder Jerry Heller says Eazy-E wanted to murder Suge Knight, and says he was wrong for talking E out of it.

May 13, 2013 News
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Snoop Dogg Explains Story Behind New Photo Of He & Suge Knight

Snoop Dogg explains the story behind his recent reconciliation with former Death Row leader Suge Knight

March 07, 2013 News
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Snoop Dogg And Suge Knight Reunite

This comes as a big surprise as they parted ways on bad terms; Snoop Dogg and former boss Suge Knight have reunited

February 23, 2013 News
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Suge Knight Accuses Dr. Dre Of Being Gay, And A Snitch

Suge Knight recently appeared on the Howard Stern show and he had some really crazy things to say about Dr. Dre

May 07, 2012 News
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Suge Knight Believes 2pac Is Still Alive

Suge Knight is convinced that 2pac is still alive

April 20, 2012 Featured, News

Suge Knight Arrested For Marijuana Possession, Facing Probation Violation

Suge Knight may violate terms of his probation as he was arrested on marijuana possession charges

February 09, 2012 News
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Former LAPD Detective Claims Diddy & Suge Knight Set-Up 2Pac & Biggie Murders

Detective Greg Kading, formally of the LAPD says that key documents have been concealed in Pac and B.I.G. Murders

October 03, 2011 News, Videos
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Suge Knight’s Having The Worst Week Ever

Suge Knights downfall continues to unfold in front of the world. Late last week Suge Knight was arrested on a warrant for missing a court

December 05, 2010 Blogs
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