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cudi 18

KiD CuDi Preps a New Album and Mixtape

[twitter=wizardcud]Kid Cudi[/twitter] takes to Twitter to announce a summer release of his rock-inspired album,Wizard. He also reports a new mixtape in the works, A Man Named Scott,

January 27, 2011 Random Tweets
50 23

The Power of Change

Looks like ICE isn’t the only threat to online Hip Hop

January 24, 2011 Random Tweets
kanye_suit 27

Kanye West: New Album Due in Summer, Watch The Throne In 2 Months, All of the Lights Video in 1 Week

[twitter=kanyewest]Kanye West[/twitter] takes to Twitter to make a few (exciting) announcements

January 23, 2011 Random Tweets
221217914 33

Kanye West & Jay-Z to Drop First Single on 1.11.11

Yeezy takes to Twitter to announce the first single, “H.A.M.,” off of Watch The Throne. Due for a Jan 11 release

January 07, 2011 Random Tweets
Purp&Patron 37

Game Announces New Mixtape

With The R.E.D Album nowhere in sight, [twitter=TheGame]Game[/twitter] takes to Twitter to announce a new mixtape, Purp & Patron

January 05, 2011 Random Tweets
syllables 37

Eminem ft. Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, & 50 Cent: Syllables

This might be a good New Years for fans of Eminem, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, & [twitter=50cent]50 Cent[/twitter]. Update: Download “Syllables” here

December 27, 2010 Random Tweets
game_lax 31

Game Robbed on Christmas Eve

[twitter=thegame]Game[/twitter] gets a 75K lesson for Christmas. RR with the heads up

December 26, 2010 Random Tweets
fox boogie christmas massacre 24

Here Comes Another Diss

[twitter=foxydondiva]Foxy Brown[/twitter] plots tomorrow’s massacre

December 24, 2010 Random Tweets
raekwon 8

Raekwon’s Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang Drops in March

The follow-up album to [twitter=raekwon]Raekwon[/twitter]’s critically acclaimed Only Bulit 4 Cuban Linx 2, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, gets a release date

December 16, 2010 Random Tweets
rick-ross- 24

Rick Ross’ Ashes To Ashes On Christmas Eve

[twitter=rickyrozay]Rick Ross[/twitter] is prepping a new project, Ashes To Ashes, set for a Christmas eve release

December 16, 2010 Random Tweets
ye 12

Christmas In Harlem? Not Yet

Kanye West’s “Christmas In Harlem“ featuring [twitter=TEYANATAYLOR]Teyana Taylor[/twitter] and CyHi Da Prynce had hit the net a few minutes ago; but hold up – not

December 15, 2010 Random Tweets
ja-rule 23

Ja Rule’s Twitter Hacked

[twitter=ruleyork]Ja Rule[/twitter]’s bad luck continues. First he was sentenced to two years in the clink; then, 50 Cent got the best of him – again.

December 14, 2010 Random Tweets
50-9 36

50 Cent Taunts Ja Rule Over Plea Deal

Earlier today Ja Rule accepted a plea deal for a 2007 gun charge, while [twitter=50cent]50[/twitter] gave his 2 cents on the sentence

December 13, 2010 Random Tweets
game1 76

Game Disses Lloyd Banks Sales

Does Game have any room to talk when they won’t even put his album out? Wasn’t R.E.D supposed to be released in 09′ and we’re

December 01, 2010 Random Tweets

3 Months Early?

Joell Ortiz is not happy

November 30, 2010 Random Tweets
joeb 25

Joe Budden Means No Disrespect

..No Disrespect Joe, but aren’t you the same nigga that kept dissing Jay-Z even after you got ignored

November 25, 2010 Random Tweets
foxy 10

Someone’s Lying

If you don’t know what she’s talking about, go back and check this, Nicki Minaj ethers Lil’ Kim

November 24, 2010 Random Tweets
GFK7 20

Ghostface On Washing Your Ass

We’re starting a random tweet archive, because rappers say really really stupid shit

November 21, 2010 Random Tweets
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