We’re gonna throw it to Type Real emcee Rapper Rich to set the stage for this album drop:

Just as the world falls into a major decline of musical depression there are still guys out there doing their thing and holding it down for real hip-hop.

Type Real is a three man hip-hop duo from the suburban areas of Southern Florida, now I know what your thinking Florida? Ahh man here we go again with another overzealous southern rap group talking about “Swag” how many inches are on their rims and how much dope can be consumed in less then 24 hours.

But on the complete contrary these guys have that smooth rugged soul that hip-hop has been missing for awhile now. Smooth beats, great lyrics and amazing content!

Type Real consists of two emcees and a producer……Rapper Rich (Richard Recchie) D-R Wise (David Recchie) and the man behind the beats Ambassador Billz (Billy Coffman)

The 13 track album Paying Dues has a large variety of just about everything speaking of love, life issues, comedy and sheer interesting lyrics

Another local producer from the South Florida area Anthology (Anthony Delatto) Has an exclusive beat on here which throws in some differences to the feel of the Lp

Paying dues describes all young and even old artists who put their heart and soul into the art of hip – hop it represents something more then just rap music

If you caught the Defsounds.Com Unsigned artists feature earlier in the year on this group then you know what your in for.

A Soundcloud link provides easy download access and listening for everybody to enjoy

Hope you love this LP as much as I do.