[twitter=suppliersmusic]The Suppliers[/twitter] have been making big moves over the past year drawing a major following with their industry buzz growing on a daily basis as I seen it first hand, while linking up with mainstream artists Gucci Mane, Gorilla Zoe, Hot Dolla amongst others, doing all of that while stepping into their own lane creating their own genre which they are calling “Black Pop.”

Now after the release of their latest mixtape Black Pop hosted by  industry heavy DJ’s, DJ ILL WILL, DJ MoonDawg and DJ Rock Star look out for the duo to step onto the national spotlight. If you’re not familiar with The Suppliers, get familiar, download Black Pop, let it bang out of the whip and it’s a CD that’s sure to get the party started the way.

Chicago Duo The Suppliers, the infamous creators of “BlackPop”, their new Mixtape and self created music genre. The Suppliers, consisting of two members CarRi Pumps and Mr. Lock, have been busy in their homemade studio harvesting, and honing there unique sound. CarRi Pumps is the mastermind behind most of the production on this mixtape.

BlackPop display’s 15 new records Hosted By DJ ILL WILL, DJ RockStar & DJ MOONDAWG. Singles to be look out for are Cabo Wabo, I Got Doe, Going Hard, & Stupid Drunk. Blackpop includes features with Gucci Mane, Hot Dollar And Co-Still. The Suppliers also possess a huge internet presence, with more than 30 videos on YouTube. Youtube.com/thesuppliersmusic

The Suppliers are independent artist signed to there own label imprint, The Suppliers Music Group, LLC. Their not just building there own brand, but also creating an outlet to Produce and Write for other artists. To this date, The Suppliers have produced over 20 records for mainstream artists like: Gucci Mane, Gorilla Zoe, Jibbs, Hot Dollar, Twista, Yung La and more.

“This Black Pop shit is about to be the new way to eat around here” – DJ MoonDawg

Stand Out Tracks (Get The Party Started Right)

The Suppliers – I Got Doe

The Suppliers – Cabo Wabo

The Suppliers – Aint That A Bitch

Download(HulkShare): The Suppliers – Black Pop | Alt Link LimeLinx

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