[twitter=StayHumble]Stay Humble Ent[/twitter] rounds up their roster, and took The Olympicks new instrumental tape and showcased their skills while turning the beat tape into an EP. I’ll let the homie Gene from Stay Humble tell you how it went down.

“A couple of weeks ago, Maybach Music Groups production team “The Olympicks” released an instrumental tape titled “Beats That Didn’t Make Teflon Don.” I figured they did it for two specific reasons-to show off their phenomenal sound to those unfamiliar and also to see who would take advantage of the free “industry” ready tracks. So I gathered the Stay Humble team and decided to create an EP titled “Soul Olympicks” which is basically paying homage to the Olympicks for doing something they didn’t have to do AT ALL while showing the versatility of our artists.”

Listen to a couple stand out tracks from the EP, and download the full project below that.

Onis – Round Of Applause

D Mose – Fallen Soldiers


Download: Stay Humble Ent Presents: Soul Olympicks