Chicago DJ and long time IntaVention supporter, D.Jones links up with Tha IntaVention to release the #Code2 compilation mixtape. With 7 of the 11 featured songs being exclusive D. Jones mixes, the compilation is 30 minutes of straight heat from Jones and Tha IntaVention camp. Appearances include A-Way, Joe’s DINER, Bert Kenerson, Jamal Mar and Kos Kudos of Good Vocation, Tragedy tha Beast and September 6th of Tha IntaVention and a guest appearance from Loretta Mars.

D.Jones says a few words on the mixtape:

This 30 minute mix features music from Chicago based label Tha IntaVention.

This Mix is unlike any mix I’ve done because I actually remixed or edited 7 of the 11 songs featured. I also hooked up a dope collab with Marvasha Purry aka Loretta Mars for the remix of A-Way Hustleward Intavention’s new single “Like I” off of his new album Hate & Handshakes (available on iTunes). Usually DJs don’t promote a Mix by dropping an original remix as the lead single but that’s what II did!

Download/stream Tha IntaVention’s #Code2 presented by DJ D.Jones, below.

Download: Tha IntaVention: #Code2 (Presented by DJ D.Jones)

Props DJ D.Jones