In the world of sports, a Go-to guy is defined as a player who can be relied on to score, especially under die-hard conditions. Likewise, in the world of music, the Go2Guyz are the answer to the music industries’ need for reliable producers that produce innovative and unique tracks every time.

The [twitter=wearetheGo2Guyz]Go2Guyz[/twitter] is a music production consulting team that harvests talents from many different areas of music including engineers, record producers and songwriters. Furthermore, this team is made of  members in multiple areas of the country allowing Go2Guyz to offer unique music that is inspired by the best that each city has to offer.

In Chicago, you can find HucaBera, Jay P, AOK, Arcade, ILL Will Brown, Spike Leroy and GreyFace. In Wisconsin you can find Willie Beatz. In New Jersey you will find Rotten Thoughts and Atlanta is home to Ben and J of THE.M Producers (J On The Trax).

These guyz are not strangers to the music industry. They have produced songs featuring artists like Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Twista, Brisco, Baby, R. Kelly and many more.

In a major move, The Go2Guyz, has reached into its arsenal to release its first “These Guyz Go Hard” mixtape Vol. 1.

This mixtape will be the first of a number of quarterly mixtapes serving to place G2G at the forefront of the music production industry.

Before we can get into the greatness this mixtape holds, the question must be answered: Who is G2G?  Well, Aristotle put it best when he said  “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and this is the exact principle upon which G2G capitalizes.

G2G is a collaboration of multiple producers, musicians and songwriters from all across the USA including New York City, Atlanta and Chicago.  As a whole, G2G is poised to leave a lasting impact on the music industry by harvesting the talents of multiple musicians to create one incredible sound.

The G2G mixtape is packed with tracks featuring artists from all areas of the music world from “Slim Thug”, “ Jackie Chain” to multiple artists of the DTP clan including “Ludacris”, “Lil Scrappy” and Chicago’s own “BXC.”

For more information about other featured artists and to learn how to access the “These Guyz Go Hard” mixtape, visit and

Standout Tracks:

Ludacris Ft. Lil Scrappy, BXC TK & Cash & Terrence J – Super Bad

Slim Thug – Fuck You

Bun B Ft. GLC & BJ The Chicago Kid –  Happiness Before Riches

Download: The Go2Guyz Present: #TheseGuyzGoHard Mixtape Vol. 1