Jo Blak reppin’ Jersey by the way of Brooklyn is back with the second installment of his Undivided Attention series which contains 19 all new tracks displaying that gritty sound coming out of NYC in the 90’s. The project contains production by BKS, Kajmir Royal, 93’P (Drumgang), Justin Jones, Tony Swagga and others.

Jo really put in work on the project; do yourself a favor and give U.A.V.2 a listen, you wont be disappointed. Check the track-list, and you can download or stream the tape below.


  • 1.Ode To The W(Intro)
  • 2.Let It Rock
  • 3.Jersey
  • 4.No One SSL
  • 5.Wouldnt Do That
  • 7.My Ego SSL
  • 8.Just Dont Get It
  • 9.Im The Best
  • 10.Bordeaux
  • 11.Stress
  • 12.Aint Coming Back
  • 13.Hahaha
  • 14.Meet You There
  • 15.Price of Success
  • 16.No peace
  • 17.Know My Name
  • 18.Mother Africa
  • 19.Nothing


Download: Jo Blak – U.A.V.2