I know some of you guys have to be up on the legendary crew Pyschodrama from Chi, and if you are you know what to expect from a project from the front man, [twitter=BukPsychoDrama]Buk[/twitter], of the PD crew.

For me, I came up on Psychodrama, and they still are in my top 10 as they made timeless…classic music through-out the 90’s, and for this project to be released today made my day.

I’ll put a couple sample tracks below that you can stream if you are unfamiliar with Buk, but I will say if you’re not familiar, now is the perfect time to get familiar.

The Best Of PsychoDrama Mix


Insane Asylum Ft Dawreck

Welcome To The Padded Room

Download: Buk (of PsychoDrama): Control Panel Vol. 1

Heads up FSD