ANTiERTHANG is the hip-hop collective formed by Chicago emcees, Big Wiz aka FatBoi Fresh, Vic Spencer (Brainiac Society) & Griffen (Facemob Music).

The three MC’s come together for a one-time street album, executive produced by Dutch Cannon, all about the rhymes. Clever bars. Interestingly banging beats. As simple as that… 10 songs. Hard bars. No filler. No sequels.

***Featured production from DC, Don Productions, Bionik, DJ Phonz, Eric Kovacs & O Bonjour

Griffen has some words about the project:

“We just got tired of the friendly state of hip-hop. Like, MC’s would rather compliment each other on their shoes than to see who got better rhymes. It’s all geared towards clubbin and sex, which is cool…but what about the bars? We have a supreme appreciation for lyrics and like-minded attitudes towards the art itself…If what’s popular right now is all you’re rockin wit — then we’re Anti-That. Basically.”

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If there is one thing you’re going to do today, listen to this tape. It’s serious, front to back real shit!

Download/stream ANTiERTHANG:The Album, below: