The Urban Wrestling Federation has released a 15-minute preview of their first pay-per-view event, which airs on Sunday, June 26th. For more on the Urban Wrestling Federation, check out our UWF News Page.


UWF Combines Hip Hop Music And Professional Wrestling To Present The Feuds Of The Streets As Unprecedented Entertainment

JUNE 10 — NEW YORK — It’s no secret that there’s been an age-old battle for turf domination brewing in America’s urban neighborhoods; a battle that will now be settled inside the ropes. The ring is the new block. On Sunday, June 26th, disputes will boil over and total domination will be the prize, as the latest innovation in sports entertainment, the Urban Wrestling Federation (UWF), debuts on pay per view with FIRST BLOOD.

The UWF is kicking off with a star-studded battle between the toughest thugs in the hip-hop community. Rappers such as Melle Mel, Red Café, Big Block, Uncle Murda, Brisco, Billy Blue, Gorilla Zoe, Gun Play and Cuban Link have signed onto the UWF. You can expect a variety of these hip-hop bosses to be in the ring for the fight to own their turf. In addition, these hip-hop ‘shot callers’ have teamed up with the most hardcore “no joke” professional wrestling thugs to ensure that top notch talent will hash out their feuds, leaving the toughest, most legit, ‘fam’ to walk away with full UWF domination.

By tapping the newest and freshest top wrestling talent, the UWF is set to debut a level of extreme in-ring warfare that guarantees over the top insanity and a never-before-seen experience. Seasoned wrestling veterans including HOMICIDE, SCORPIO SKY, RICKY REYES, and many more will join a team of high-flying newcomers, who will deliver ground-breaking wrestling and hood-crazy stunts, changing the game, and setting trends for new world entertainment.

‘First Blood’ will is a dynamic national pay-per-view special, which will first air on Sunday, June 26th at 8:00pm edt (5:00pm pdt) with an encore presentation at 11:00pm edt (8pm pdt). Additional airings will occur on national cable and satellite networks including iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, TVN Ent, DISH NETWORK, etc. New episodes of Urban Wrestling Federation will air on Pay Per View in September and November.

Developed by television and live events icon, Steve ‘The Hustler’ Karel, his leadership ensures that UWF will be like nothing else ever seen in the music or wrestling arenas. Having honed his wrestling skills during his time with Extreme Championship Wrestling, Karel caused widespread controversy when he first cleared on national broadcast insane stunts that included barbed wire, pyrotechnic weapons and over-the-top in-ring-chaos.

Bob Chiappardi, Concrete Marketing CEO, will be spearheading the music efforts for the federation. He had previously worked with Karel on ECW, which spawned two soundtracks, one of which earned a Grammy nomination. Chiappardi also worked extensively with the WWE as a music supervisor on several soundtracks and music based promotions. “Music, typically heavy metal or rock & roll, has always been a part of wrestling entertainment”, said Chiappardi. “As opposed to matches of the past where music has filled the background, the UWF will bring music to the forefront showcasing established urban stars and rising talent.

“By combining urban music and professional wrestling, we’ve created the ideal opportunity for dynamic and exciting entertainment while opening an avenue that guarantees higher attendance with new marketing and sponsorship opportunities,” said Karel.