We are back with another edition of the Unsigned Artist Spotlight – where we feature music sent in from up-and-coming artists.  If you think you’ve got what it takes to be featured in a future edition of DefSounds’ Unsigned Artist Spotlight,  hit up the Contact Us page and send us a bio and some music.

After receiving a tremendous amount of submissions, we’ve selected South Florida-based hip hop & R&B act Nexx Chapter as this week’s pick. Moving forward, we’ll be featuring a new artist here every Monday – so stay tuned!

Nexx Chapter is an R&B/Hip-Hop duo based out of Boca Raton, Florida, consisting of Gabriel “Gabi” Galinsky [Rapper] and Albert “T” Essaye [Singer]. Influenced by many of the best (Drake, Eminem, Nick Carter, Ryan Tedder), Nexx Chapter has discovered a new sound that brings a fresh feel to the music industry. For their audience, they each share a rare talent – the combination of a songwriter and rapper/singer, with the ear of a producer. Having just turned 20 years old, as co-producers for every track they’ve recorded, and considering they only ever began doing music 2 years ago, Nexx Chapter shows an utmost promising future in the music industry.

Nexx Chapter’s most recent project, “N.F.P.B.” (Not Feeling Plan B), a highly anticipated mixtape on countless mainstream and underground music sites/blogs truly showed the groups’ diversity, and the dynamic they bring with a combined rapper and singer.

With their general musical talent and flexibility, both Gabi and T are also on their way to becoming great musicians. Each of them play and compose music by guitar, and piano as well. And although their ability to make such enjoyable music seems so effortless, these two individuals work extremely hard with the aspirations to become one of the best and most influential artists in the game.

Check out these songs from Nexx Chapter and tell us what you think in the COMMENTS section below: