Defsounders!! Welcome back to another beautiful Thursday and another throwback of the week. I believe you all already know who this is but for those of though who don’t this is Rapper Rich reporting live from sunny South Florida back at it.

This week’s throwback is from the man himself MF Doom. This man has been an inspiration not only to me but thousands of hip-hoppers from all around the world. He is def a pioneer in the hip-hop world being a highly critically acclaimed emcee and producer

Repping Strong Island but a Native of the UK the man with the metal mask always pleases with his interesting rhymes and simply out of this world Instrumentals.

Anyways enough on a bio this song “Gas Drawls” is off his first 1999 release “Operation Doomsday” I always was intrigued by this song because he sampled a Steely Dan song called “Black Cow” my dad used to always play around the crib when I was little so when I initially heard this joint I was going crazy cause I loved the sample so much. Much respect to Doom he is always a favorite in my book I love his flow on this and the beat is out off control

“Any given summer eve don’t breathe…..16 shot’s I do believe and one up the sleeve”

MF DOOM – Gas Drawls