What up Defsounds welcome to another throwback of the week!

This week we got the legend himself Heavy D! For all of my recent posts you guys know im a fan of the old funk sound and he was defiantly one of the masters of that flow

D was born in Jamaica but a native of Mount Vernon NY for a good remainder of his life.

I selected this joint because today marks the one year death of the legend so I thought I would pay homage by doing his track

Like I said D always had that funk flow which im a huge fan of and he definitely rained supreme on this track with that sound. This joint is off his first solo album without “The Boyz” (His crew for most of his career) Called “Waterbed Hev” His only release back in 1997

Not to sure who ran the production on this one but it’s def got a solid groove to it

Much love to the man himself Heavy D. Def an insperation of mine and im sure a whole lot of other people who he effected with his music

Heavy D – Big Daddy