Bootleg Kev catches up with Tech N9ne, and with the release of All 6’s & 7’s Tech has a lot going on, and has a lot to talk about. I’ll let Bootleg Kev tell it:

“I got to sit down with Tech N9ne right before his show in Las Vegas on 6-16-11. This is the first part of the interview we discuss his evolution into a #5 billboard artist, we speak in depth on what it took for him to get to this level of success, the album All 6′s and 7′s and how he has gotten better with each album, hooking up with B.o.B. on Am I Psycho, his favorite tracks on All 6′s and 7′s, how he plans on making Strange Music a MAJOR Label, his future plans for the label, working with the Justice League, and how his collaboration with Eminem almost happened, if it will happen in the future still, and putting smaller artists on Worldwide Choppers along-side Yela, Busta, and Twista to showcase them.” -Bootleg Kev

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