Tha IntaVention x Flight Club rep September 6th teams up with L. Rey Films to bring you a lyric video for his self-produced track “Blow” that lives on his latest album release More Hip Hop x Sneakers x Vagina.

This is the way to put together a lyric video, one of the sickest I’ve seen!

If you missed Sept 6th’s new album, More Hip Hop x Sneakers x Vagina, you can download it [here]. (It’s well worth the download!)

Bonus: As Sixth gears up to release his 3-track EP on August 4th he drops off a trailer for the project that he is releasing in conjunction with his clothing sponsor D’amett Luxury Goods ! Check the trailer and artwork below:


Sixth is grinding it out heavy, don’t miss any moves he’s making, and follow him on Twitter.

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