We have been featuring [twitter=Scheme773]Scheme[/twitter] on Def Sounds for a year or two now, and he gets nothing but a positive response from everything we post. He’s a pure lyricist, who’s hungry and he stays on his grind 24/7. I call him the reincarnation of Pun, yeah he’s that dope.  He recently released his album Same Rebel, New Cause (Deluxe Edition), and the album is insane, you can get that down below. Before you do that, check out the dope visuals for his track ,“Billion Dollar Dream,” which appears on the album featuring Lennon from Project Mayhem on the hook.

The video was presented by Ruby Hornet & SRNC. It was directed by Roger Morales of AyKid Shots and edited by Tony Shane of Ruby Hornet.

You can get Scheme’s album, Same Rebel, New Cause (Deluxe Edition) below.
Buy the album on iTunes ,Amazon .
Download the album for FREE – Courtesy of SRNC, RubyHornet, and Scheme773.com