Def Sounds would like to introduce you to [twitter=SavoCWAL]Savo[/twitter] with the first official drop, “Divide & Conquer” in the form of a video from his forthcoming project of the same title.

Savo reps Traxster Inc and is the son of Super Producer The Legendary Traxster. Savo’s new project came into play while his was in LA crafting beats, and woke Traxster out of his sleep as he asked who made that beat, it’s history from their and Savo’s new mixtape was on after that.

Savo explains Mission Divide and Conquer as an idea stemming from a thought to hit certain styles of Hip Hop that will soon spill over to many different genres while trying to pick a lane to dominate and would have the biggest impact on all of them, hints the name “Divide And Conquer. “

You can download the mp3 for “Divide & Conquer” here.