Rockboy K9 unleashes the intro, “Running Away From January,” from his forthcoming project #EpicJanuary that is slated to be released this Thursday, February 14th.

Video directed by @NickBrazinsky.

People have been wondering… why release a project entitled #EpicJanuary in February? You’ll understand after you read the meaning behind the body of work of Rockboy K9’s #EpicJanuary project, below.  And you’ll understand even more after you listen to the project when it officially releases on Thursday.

Growing up in Chicago Rockboy saw a lot of dreams turn into nightmares due to the situations. This is what drove him to gear his upcoming body of work towards people understanding their self – worth and being great.

Releasing #EPICJANUARY in February might sound a little silly. BUT Rockboy states that Epic symbolizes what we all are in the beginning and the beginning symbolizes January. Which means the project could come out in any month and have the same meaningful impact. Us being us is what its all about he says.