The 2011 music video Press Her Button, directed by Adeola Alao (who also directed the groups last hit single “It’s Natural”) starring Futuristic Lingo and Kimik X stands strong on it’s own two feet in the category of originality and artistic vision.  You vote for this video on

The music video takes place at a night club on the planet Lingolia. Future and Destiny each come across female counterparts that they are highly interested in, while Kimik X is surrounded by women whole literally can’t keep their hands off him.

Future displays his Lingolian powers to get his counterparts attention and sweep her off her feet, but Destiny stumbles across a unique damsel that has been a prisoner for 6,000 years (6 LYkos). Cursed by the Witch of North Lingolia. Her only chance of being freed is if Destiny can Press Her Button.

The music video and song on many levels leaves us asking ourselves. . .  “What happens next?”