Ever since the birth of the medium there have been sex-drenched music videos, most devolving into unoriginality. In their new video “It’s Natural” Futuristic Lingo is able to bring a fresh and seductive video to the scene, without it being clichéd or overkill.

Directed by Adeola Alao, “Its Natural” follows the story of a young woman who is strongly yearning for another man besides the one she is with. The intensity of her feelings is depicted both through the lyrics and the video itself. The video cumulates by the woman being smacked by her man and Young Future running down the hall in her direction, before flashing to a scene where she and Young Future are finally together. The edits and cuts in this video, along with the coloring and lighting, add to the drama of the story making it a deep and intense video to watch.

Futuristic Lingo, composed of members Young Future, Young Destiny, J-Wess, and Gino continue to produce innovative hits, pushing the boundaries of what listeners expect to hear compared to conventional music groups. Producing a sound and style all of their own, the group brings a new and revitalized feel to the music scene. If “It’s Natural” is any indication, listeners can expect more groundbreaking creativity to come from Futuristic Lingo.

“It’s Natural” is available for purchase on iTunes.