[twitter=Nas]Nas[/twitter] appears in the shadows with Funny or Die for a new skit.

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  • http://beta.defsounds.com/members/villan/ Villan

    i was literally lol at this. but on a serious note we need Lost Tapes 2 or an album from Nas asap

  • http://ahh.com Tcat

    Jesus that was way more creepy than it was funny. I’m gonna have nightmares


  • http://beta.defsounds.com/members/defrape/ defrape

    ahahahhahahahahahahaha my nigga nas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahhahahahaha is funnier high!



  • nardysenior

    shit was funny tho

  • gatorbait1012

    FOD has been on point with their last few videos. The Weird Al one was great, then this one… The lullaby part had me cracking up

  • http://www.facebook.com/SoLo1sT Edward Saunsoci

    N.A.S means niggas against society! We need some new fire, Lupe delivered a lil, But that potent flame only comes from the GOAT!

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