Chamillionaire releases a lyric video for his track “Slow Loud & Bangin” that appeared on his Elevate EP.

Cham wants to shoot an official video for the song and wants your help to come up with a concept.. Here’s what he has to say:

This song gives me the same vibe that pimp mode from my Ultimate Victory album gives me. I always felt like I should have shot a video for that back in the days but I never did. The only reason I haven’t already shot a video for this song is because I couldn’t come up with a fresh and original concept for a video. I didn’t want to do the typical video you would expect for a Texas inspired song like this. Help me come up with an original concept.

For more info, and to help Cham come up with an original concept for the video, head over to [here].

Watch Chamillionaire’s Slow Loud & Bangin (Lyric Video), below: