Google Play presents a new documentary entitled “Life & Rhymes” that details Busta Rhymes Hip Hop career.

For more than two decades Busta Rhymes has never stopped rapping and he’s certainly never slowed down. The Long Island bred emcee has the unique distinction of not only being one of his genre’s elder statesmen, but also its most energetic practitioner. From his playful beginnings with the Public Enemy understudies Leaders of The New School to his solo reign as a tongue twisting hitmaker, he’s never operated with anything less than a fully turned up manic virtuosity. He’s never been outshined by another rapper, either–his status as the king of cameos has long been unimpeachable, having first burst out of A Tribe Called Quest’s 1991 classic “Scenario” with a dragon’s roar and still comfortably breathing fire alongside current day superstars like Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

With this in-depth documentary, we spoke to Busta and some of his closest collaborators about the evolution of his double time rhyme style and how dubbing live old school rap battles as a child led him to wowing crowds today. Watch the video, revisit some of Busta’s best records and grab his explosive (as always) new singles, “King Tut” and “Doin It Again” for free.