This is a different type of documentary with 50 Cent, when you think of a 50 origins doc, you’ll most likely think you’re going to go into South Jamaica Queens NY and hear about 50 growing up, well that’s not the case as 50 travels to South Carlolina and finds out about his ancestry.

50 Cent has always been defined by the grim reality of coming up in South Jamaica Queens. But like all African-Americans, there’s a greater journey… across thousands of miles… back through several family generations …. to slavery.

In 50 Cent: The Origin of Me, the legendary rapper will make an unprecedented trek to the Deep South in search of his family’s slave lineage. He’ll re-unite with family members, and connect the dots on his ancestral heritage.

50 Cent: The Origin of Me is a real-time journey into past lives and a shared history… of horror and hope, pain and perseverance.