Born in Charlotte, NC, to doting parents and a loving, large extended family, Siphus was a very happy and passionate young child, primarily raised by his mother. Having a duel child hood in the public housing of NC and the slums of Bronx, NY, Siphus’ intellectual thoughts on everyday life raises a brow to the urban plight. Siphus had varied interests as a young child but none keener than music. He had and still has an innate ability to excel in all things musical, even learning to play various instruments, including the trumpet and flute. His musical influences are very diverse, from Hip Hop, to Gospel, to Rock Alternative, to Jazz, as well as Pop. Using these influences Siphus produces, as well as composes music. He aspires to revolutionize Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop, making his own mark in music history, and the World. Will YOU join the revolution?

Check out 3 tracks from the up and comer [twitter=Siphus]Siphus[/twitter] and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Siphus – It’s Simple

Siphus – Flying (Freestyle)

Siphus – Exhibit A

Download: Siphus – It’s Simple x Flying (Freestyle) x Exhibit A (Freestyle)