We introduced you to [twitter=RockboyK9]Rockboy K9[/twitter] with his track Secret Society featuring Kenlo Key, and since then Rockboy has has been on his grind flooding new music as he dropped a new EP, Secret Society..get that if you missed it, it’s a dope project) as well as other new material. Now he goes in a different direction, but still really dope none the less, with his latest leak “Make it to the Bed.”

Rockboy K9 has created a buzz with is recent single “Secret Society” but now he is creating a different type of buzz to get people ready for his upcoming EP Dropping in early December titled “SEXTAPE.” Here is his newest single “MAKE IT TO THE BED”

Listen/Download the record below and leave your feedback in the comments.

Download: Rockboy K9: Make it to the Bed