[twitter=one2Xpand]One-2[/twitter] links up with Crooked I for the first single off his forthcoming double EP, History/Destiny.

Download: One-2 Ft. Crooked I: Half Man (Prod. By Komplex)


Disc 1: History

1. This Life Of Ours (feat. Chace Infinite)
2. Half-Man ( Crooked I)
3. Femme Fatale (feat. Knoc-Turn’al & Jayo Felony)
4. Coast Guard (feat. Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.)
5. Tears Tumble (feat. Amin & Tena Jones)
6. History (feat. Project Lionheart)

Disc 2: Destiny

1. Lifestyles Of L.A.
2. Venom (feat. K-Young)
3. Animal
4. In The Zone (feat. Kobe)
5. Go!
6. Destiny