Being raised on the streets Moreno is no stranger to breaking the rules, and his music’s style is no different. Moreno is an accomplished rapper from East New York, Brooklyn. He incorporates his street mentality with clever lyrics that explore the dark side of the American dream. His new music video is ” Chase Bank” featuring Jadakiss.

Renowned video director Berman Fenelus directs the music video filmed at Harlem’s trendy clothing store: the Vault.  This retail space was ingeniously converted by the ALL AREA CREW to mimic a futuristic bank. This music video is not your typical booty-shaking extravaganza, but rather a plot driven action-packed bank robbery scene.  This new approach to gangsta hip-hop is innovative and refreshing.

Moreno is somebody to watch out for this year.  You can find him on twitter @1bkmoreno.

Check out “Chase Bank” by Moreno featuring Jadakiss: