Here we go with an unreleased reference track from Max B entitled “Keep Your Head To The Sky,” which was originally recorded for Diddy for use on the Biggie Duets album, but then sold to LA Reid and became Christina Milian’s single “Say I.”

This post was actually a reference or rather an idea done by me and Max B. Right after Puff recorded this song for Jim Jones “What You Sipping” I decided to give the homie Max a shot. Puff and I actually liked Max B, I wish I could have signed him. That’s whole other story. However what I will say is the beat was originally for Puff for the Biggie Duets, actually was supposed to be a single. Then Cool and Dre,weeks after having the beat, their manager at time said she sold the beat to LA Reid. Fast forward it was a single for Christina Milian. Well this song is for the Max B fans and for my homie A$AP Yams! Max B aka Mr Prolific keep your head to the sky (Pause). – TheGCodes

Liberated by TheGCodes via X