It hasn’t been all hush hush for Doley though. He did appear as a featured artist on Euro League’s “Gold Chains In A Dungeon” and Raven Sorvino’s re-remix to “Move That Dope.” Linking up with Billboard, Doley makes his first solo appearance of the year with “Prey,” the first single off his forthcoming Bond Place Hotel EP. Produced by Matthew Burnett and Jordan Evans, “Prey,” “Was the epitome of how I felt success breeds envy. I know they want me gone but y’all better pray for them, not me. I’m gonna keep working till I reach the top,” Doley tells The Juice.

“The inspiration for the Bond Place Hotel EP was just being in my hood after releasing Just In Case last fall,” he says. “I was raised in the north Bronx and in the summertime shootings are at an all time high. I just wanted to make more music in the midst of the everyday madness in my hood. I’d connected with Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett for the song “Drown” on Just In Case, and one day I got up and flew to Toronto to get my mind right from the Bronx. I ended up locking in with Jordan for about 6 sessions altogether [and] made a bunch of tracks.”

Listen to “Prey” below, and peep the tracklisting for Doley’s upcoming 5-song EP, which drops on August 26th.

1. Cemeteries Under Hotels
2. Faded
3. Prey
4. Almost
5. Tanya