Southside Chicago emcee and Tha IntaVention affiliate Bert Kenerson unleashes his new single,  “We Get High,” which is an ode to those with a fondness for Miss Mary Jane.

Produced by C-Sick

Be on the lookout for Bert’s debut project “Who is Bert Kenerson?” impacting August 28th.

My name is Bert Kenerson and I am from the SOUTH SIDE of Chicago. I am an up and coming artist who considers himself to be the voice of all the regular people out in the world that do regular shit yet look damn good and cool enough doing such. I am a very versatile artist that refuses to be boxed in to one style of rap. This song ” WE GET HIGH” is dedicated to all those that partake in the refreshing activity known to many as smoking weed but to me and mine we call it “DUFFIN DIIIIINE”…After listening i definitely hope that you would allow my offering a place upon your prestigious blogs. Again i thank you…and oh yeah SHOUTS OUT TO MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL…”AS I ROLL MY LEAF” – Bert Kenerson

Download: Bert Kenerson: We Get High