Rumors have been circulating for the past month or so that we may see Kanye West’s and Jay-Z’s highly anticipated collaborative effort Watch The Throne released on the 4th of July, which is this upcoming Monday.

The news of a July 4th release was 1st reported by The Source magazine, but no confirmation was given, but the publication pretty much guaranteed their information was correct.

Well Kayne and Jay both have been quiet on a release date, very quiet as in not mentioning it at all, so now there are more speculations that the album will drop on Monday, digital-only to stop the threat of a leak.

As we all know Kanye latest released album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy leaked a month early, so they just may be trying to prevent that, but the question is will it hurt the two  Hip Hop superstars sales to drop the project with little to no promo, to hold off the leakers and the bootleggers?

They may be thinking they can recover from a slow first week, with the help of word of mouth to get the fans to purchase the project.

What do you think, is a good idea for Kayne and Jay to release the album digital-only to prevent a leak?

I guess we will find out next week if these speculations come to fruition.