A tracklist for Game’s forthcoming LP, The R.E.D Album has hit the net. As of now I’m not sure how legit it is, but I do know some of the track titles and producers are correct. There are some big tracks on the album like “80 Cal” featuring Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg produced by DJ Khalil, and word is that track is 100% legit.

The R.E.D. Album hits stores on August 23rd.

View the tracklist below.

1. Intro
2. The City ft Kendrick Lamar [Prod By Cool & Dre]
3. Interlude/Basic Bitch [Prod By Dirk Pate](?)
4. Drug Test/80 Cal ft Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, (Sly?) [Prod By DJ Khalil]
5. Martians Vs Goblin ft Tyler & Lil Wayne [Prod By 1500 or Nothin]
6. Dead People [Prod By Dr. Dre]
7. Interlude
8. Good Girl, Bad Girl ft Drake [Prod By Cool & Dre]
9. Ricky [Prod By DJ Khalil]
10. Good, Bad Ugly [Prod By Hit-Boy]
11. Heavy Artillery ft Rick Ross, Beanie Sigel [Prod By Street Runner]
12. Paramedics ft Young Jeezy [Prod By Maestro]
13. Speakers On Blast ft E-40, Big Boi [Prod By 1500 or Nothin]
14. Hollywood ft Lloyd [Prod By 1500 or Nothin]
15. All The Way Gone ft Mario, Wale [Prod By 1500 or Nothin]
16. Pot of Gold ft Chris Brown [Prod By The Futuristiks]
17. Interlude (?)
18. All I Know ft Lu Breeze [Prod by boi-1da]
19. Born In Tha Trap [Prod By DJ Premier]
20. Momma Knows ft Dr. Dre, Nelly Furtado [Prod By The Neptunes]
21. California Dreaming [Prod By 1500 or Nothin]
22. Outro/Skate On/We Are Dreaming (?)


Def Sounds will keep you updated upon confirmation of the tracklisting.