If you have been a member of Def Sounds for the past couple of years, you would know who YP is, as he has been featured on our DS Approved posts twice since 2010 with his mixtapes No Sleep in 2010 and then again with Still Awake in 2011, and many more posts from his single and video drops.

At the time of YP’s Still Awake release, I mentioned in the write-up that YP is making majors moves, and ready to take the industry by storm. The Chi rapper does just that, as last night he inked a major label deal with Universal Republic.

YP has just spoke on the new deal with FSD:

“I came to LA in the beginning of November to see No I.D.–I was only supposed to be out here for three days, and on the first day I linked with No I.D. Nas and Q-Tip happened to be in the studio that night, and Nas told me I was dope. I only met with No I.D. that first day I was out there, and then my phone started ringing from then on. I was on the phone with everyone. Ruben’s [Ruben Trejo, YP’s manager] phone was blowing up. We were getting calls from area codes and places with numbers we’d never seen. They knew we were in LA, and said they wanted to talk, so we set up meetings to talk with everyone. We were kind of looking at each other like: ‘What the fuck do they want to talk to us about?’ [Laughs]

“When I hopped off the plane it just felt like somebody said something to someone and the word got out. It was crazy. Sometimes you just have to get out of the city. I’ve been out here [in LA] since November and have been back and forth ever since. Shout out to Xtreme, Wendy Goldstein [Universal Republic A&R executive] and Niam Ali [A&R at Universal Republic]. Niam was the one at Universal who picked up on my music. He’s been pumping me since November, so I’m glad it all worked out.

“It ended up becoming a bidding war, bro. Between Universal and a couple other labels; so I’ve been traveling like a motherfucker. I met with a ton of people, VPs, and a lot of the top dudes at the various labels — and this was just based off a couple records, you know what I’m sayin? I was always told, don’t ever count your chickens before they’re hatched, you feel me? So that’s why I was never bragging on Twitter or anything. I didn’t actually think it was real, I was just out here in the pursuit of it.

“We played the marketing people at Universal records like ‘Who I Be,’ and ‘The Come Up,’ and they knew the lyrics and stuff already. It was just crazy.”

Be on the look-out for YP’s forthcoming No Dos project.

If you slept on YP, wake up and go back and check out his 2 DS Approved mixtapes by hitting the below links.

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Congrats on the success YP!!!