Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy will most likely be soon facing off against the Hells Angels in a courtroom as the motorcycle club is claiming the rapper stole their logo for his clothing line.

According to TMZ, the Hells Angels have recently filed suit against Young Jeezy and they are claiming the rapper stole their iconic Death Head logo for his 8732 Apparel line.

The report states, the Angels’ filed suit due to the fact that they believe Jeezy’s 8732 clothing line basically reprinted their iconic logo on the line’s jackets and hats, and made a huge profit from doing so.

According to the lawsuit, the Hells Angels are seeking every last dime of profit earned by selling the apparel with the Death Head logo on it. The club also wants the judge to put out a cease and desist order to force 8732 to stop selling all merchandise with the logo on it.

You can view two side by side photos of the Hells Angels’ vest with the Death Head logo next to the vest that is being sold by Jeezy’s 8732 clothing line below: