Young Jeezy appeared on MTV’s RapFix Live yesterday, and he opened up about the ongoing tension with Rick Ross. Jeezy explained that he doesn’t believe Ross has any real beef with him, and thinks the feud is all about “selling records.”

Jeezy addressed his freestyle “Death B4 Dishonor” over Ross’ “BMF” beat what kicked off the tension, as he says:

“With rap, it’s a funny thing. You can say things, and people can take ’em the way they wanna take ’em. But in my mind, in my heart, I just killed the verse. If I killed the verse and you took it personally, then that’s on you.”

As Jeezy continued, he adds that he knew Ross didn’t have any real problems when he bumped into him at the past BET Awards and Ross stayed quiet, but got on Flex’s show a week later and was talking crazy:

“I felt like it was about selling records. It’ not about you about me. We could’ve stepped in the corner and chopped it up. So right then and there, I knew it was about records, so I was cool with it.”

Watch Young Jeezy’s interview with Sway on RapFix Live below: