Last week it was reported by Def Sounds that Young Jeezy was estimated to move between 200-225k copies of TM103 in the first sales week, while Common was not doing as-well as Jeezy, and was on pace to sell 55-65K units of his 9th studio album. Now the official first week sales numbers are in.

In the first sales week for Young Jeezy and the release of his 4th studio album, TM103: A Hustlerz Ambition, he managed to move 233k units, and debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts which is a lot better than anyone expected for the album that was delayed for almost 2 years before it was released.

Common didn’t fair as well as Young Jeezy, but still managed to debut in the top 20, landing at #17 on the charts selling 69,000 copies of The Dreamer, The Believer in the first sales week.

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