Following the release of his new single, “In My Head,” Young Jeezy announces his new album is coming soon.

Jeezy took to his Youtube page and released a new vlog with the announcement of his new album, and revealed what direction he will go with the content of the music on the album.

During the clip, Jeezy revealed that he will be able to tell more of his story on his new album now that “the statute of limitations [on possible criminal cases] is over with”:

I pretty much came in the game with my hands behind my back with a lot of shit that I would like to talk about, that I couldn’t talk about, because it could get me in a lot of trouble.

He adds:

So this is pretty much my first album I could explain where I stand (? Inaudible, audio breaks up). In laments terms, “the statute of limitations is over with.”

I also wanted to note, according to the various reports, the album may be titled “The Statute Of Limitations Is Over With.” ( We will keep you updated when that is confirmed, because I’m not to sure about that.)

Watch Young Jeezy’s album announcement vlog below: