Despite reports that came in over the weekend that Young Jeezy’s TM103 was being pushed back again, the Atlanta rapper tweeted out a hand written tracklist trying to prove the reports wrong.

Check out the tweet from Jeezy and the tracklisting below that.

1. Talk 2 Me
2. Real Is How Ya Feel
3. Supa Freak
4. Trump
5. L.M.M.
6. Nothin
7. Never Be The Same
8. 38
9. Higher Learning
10. Change Ya Life
11. I Do
12. Trapped
13. Lil Homies
14. Errythang
15. This One’s For You

So I’m guessing by Young Jeezy tweeting this out it means that TM103 Hustlaz Ambiton still will be released on September 20th?