Young Buck, currently incarcerated and serving out an 18-month sentence at the Yazoo City penitentiary on gun possession charges, gives the fans an update on how he’s handling his time behind bars, and then goes into a freestyle as he makes a phone call to his good friend Charlie P.

Buck tells Charlie P:

“I’m good, I’m well taken care of. I’m straight, you know what I’m saying? Even under the circumstances that it is, it’s prison. At the end of the day, I’m making the best out of prison.”

The Ca$hville rapper adds:

“I don’t even call it prison. I call it chain gang college now. I’m handling it like a real man gotta handle it, and there ain’t really no other way. Once you back here, you can either do the time or let the time do you. I choose to do my time. I stay out the way.”

Listen to Buck’s phone call from prison below.