As Def Sounds previously reported,  last week, Young Buck was sentenced to 3 years in prison on weapons charges, but will only have to serve 18-months due to the judge allowing his counts to run concurrently.

Coming off his sentencing and finally knowing his fate, the Nashville rapper opens up and speaks on his sentence, and says that he is ready to move on and put his past behind him. The former G-Unit artist also touches on being a free agent and ready to find a new label home.

Young Buck, currently on house arrest awaiting the day that he has to turn himself in to begin his bid, chops it up with XXL and speaks on his prison sentence and putting it behind him.

Young Buck tells XXL:

“There were all the crazy things that happened to me in the last few years leading up to this situation I’m in today. My mindset moving forward is letting the past be the past. Don’t judge me behind what you think I am or what you thought I did or none of that. Pay attention to Buck because the man that I was yesterday ain’t the man that I am today.”

He adds:

“I know whatever is at the end of the rainbow…it’s gotta be a pot of gold.”

As the interview continued, Buck, now a free-agent, speaks on rumors of signing to Cash Money or MMG:

“Truth is, either label (MMG or Cash Money) would be a good look.”

Buck notes:

“MMG has a real push for what they got going. I came up with Cash Money, so just to see what they’re doing, but the height of Buck is coming out this penitentiary,”

Young Buck will begin serving his 18-month sentence on August 13th.