Young Bucks money problems continue, as he appeared in court yesterday, December 20th, and his lawyers filed a motion for his case to be converted from Chapter 11 reorganization to Chapter 7 liquidation.

Earlier in the year Young Buck filed for bankruptcy, now the former G-Unit rapper has has failed to get approval for a debt repayment plan that would re-structure his recording contract in order to pay off outstanding debts to creditors, but since 50 Cent rejected the plan it has forced the liquidation.

The liquidation would cause Young Buck to have his remaining assets seized and sold with the money earned  going directly to his creditors.

50 Cent has continued to refuse to release any of Young Buck’s new material, because of a $171,000 debt to G-Unit, which also caused 50 to file a $10 million breach of contract lawsuit against Buck.

It has been also been reported that Young Buck is at least $300k in the red on top of the $171k owed to G-Unit.