As Def Sounds previously reported, the IRS auctioned off former G-Unit rapper Young Buck’s property, which included recording equipment, MPCs, plaques, fur coats, awards, jewelry, hard drives, CDs and lot more to help settle his tax debt.

At the time of the auction, Young Buck tweeted out that he bought the highest priced item back, which was his signature 615 chain, from the person that purchased the chain from the IRS. Buck tweeted: Bitch I bought back the #Highest thing they Auctioned Off!! I didnt have room for all the #Old shit. Lol!! I’m Tooo #BrandNew!!”

Now, while on house arrest Young Buck explains buying his chain back.

Young Buck also revealed that he will release a new mixtape/album, G.A.S Vol.2: The Auction, in 3 weeks before he turns himself into jail to serve his 18 month sentence.

View the footage below of Buck speaking on getting his chain back, below: