[twitter=XZIBIT]Xzibit[/twitter] has filed for bankruptcy last month, for the second time since July 2009. According to public records, Alvin Joiner owes close to $1 million in delinquent federal taxes.

It is reported that the former Pimp My Ride host first encountered financial problems subsequent to the cancellation of the MTV show, which preceded the foreclosure of his home in Woodland Hills, California.

Bankruptcy files indicate Joiner’s total income in 2007 totally close to half a million dollars. Subsequent to show’s cancellation, Detroit rapper’s 2008 income records disclose an income fall to $67, 510.

What is Owed:

  • The IRS filed a $22,196 lien against him Nov. 2 with the Los Angeles County Recorder.
  • The IRS filed a $435,487 lien July 21, 2009, with the Bernalillo County Clerk in New Mexico, where he owns a home.
  • The IRS filed a $205,485 lien Feb. 4, 2009, in Los Angeles County. He owes income taxes from 2007, according to the lien.
  • The IRS filed a $296,355 lien April 17, 2008, in Los Angeles County for unpaid income taxes from 2006, records show.

The address on the most recent lien is a public accountant’s office in West Hills, California. His former 7,650-square-foot house in Woodland Hills was sold last week for $610,000.

Courtesy of The Detroit News.