In a recent interview with Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club,” Wyclef Jean finally spoke out about the infamous “Speedo snapshot.”

“First of all, the pic with the Speedo, that’s an old pic. I’m part of a bike club. Bike-Clef wore Speedos at the time. That’s actually an old photo shoot, and those photos are actually up on Facebook or Instagram,” said Wyclef. “This is actually a photoshoot for a company in Italy. I said ‘I turned 43, I feel 26′ based on that photo shoot that I had did. I’m telling you when I did the photo shoot so that you clear, right?”

And as is the case with many Wyclef interviews, the focus turned to Lauryn Hill.

“First of all, I don’t think Lauryn’s crazy. I clearly said that. If y’all follow historically what I said, I just felt personally that there was a situation where I felt she was bipolar. I know people that’s crazy, but I also have seen syndromes of people that I feel one day they’re a certain way, another day they’re a certain way. That was more of what I expressed.”

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