For the latest chapter of DJ Whoo Kid’s Untold Stories he recalls Big Pun pulling an Uzi on him after a feud between the Terror Squad and Roc-a-fella camps, as Whoo Kid put a Sauce Money diss track aimed at Big Pun on one of his mixtapes.

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Whoo Kid chops it up with ThisIs50’s Young Jack Thriller and speaks on the incident with Pun:

“Pun calls me to meet him in Harlem, and here I am thinking I’m talking to the promoter. I get to Harlem to meet in front of the Apollo and get $1,000…I’m waiting and waiting. And I finally see a Benz with a Spanish kid in it.”

Whoo Kid adds:

“Pun said, ‘This record right here has the Latin Kings laughing at me,’” Whoo Kid explained. “That’s why you’re here. It’s not because I want to rip your head off, it’s because you got me looking crazy. And in the streets I’m respected by the Latin Kings.”

As Whoo continues, he says he learned a valuable lesson:

“What I’ve learned is that Big Pun was the real gangster out of the whole Terror Squad shit. There’s a reason why their name was Terror Squad. Pun really went out there and did the shit…after they met me, Pun ran up in Roc-a-fella’s offices and did his thing.”

Watch Whoo Kids interview with Young Jack Thriller below: