In late 2007, and again at the end of 2008, rapper/singer Nate Dogg suffered strokes which left him partially paralyzed. Since then, he has been going through rehabilitation to regain basic motor functions, including speech and walking. caught up with long-time friend and collaborator of Nate Dogg, Warren G to discuss Nate’s progress. Warren G also reported on a website where fans and supporters of the West Coast legend can send in donations to assist with the rehabilitation process.

Nate is in a lot of therapy right now. We actually got a website coming out where people can send donations, That’s gonna help out with him, help him get back on his feet. Plus us in the industry, we’re gonna do a lot to help out with him.

When asked if Nate would ever get in the booth again, Warren G adds:

Everybody just gotta keep him in their prayers, cause he had two strokes and that’s real dangerous. And a lot of people don’t come back from that. Luther Vandross did it, so hopefully Nate can do it. Cause the game needs him, I need him.

For the video of the conversation, please see below.