Earlier in the year Wale and KiD CuDi were in a highly publicized feud, when in an interview CuDi called Wale a simple ass rapper and the DC rapper took offense to the statement. Now it looks like all differences are truly set aside as KiD CuDi will be featured on Wale’s forthcoming album.

MTV recently previewed Wale’s new album, Ambition, and Cudi is featured on a track titled “Focused” which features Wale rapping, and Cudi supplying a chorus in his Mr. Solo Dolo type of delivery over a synth-loaded uptempo track, and the track may be used as Wale’s next single for the album that drops on November 1st.

During the listening session Wale broke down the track “Focused” featuring KiD Cudi as he said:

“It’s a testament to where I am lyrically, spiritually, all of that, because this song almost never happened, as y’all know. It feels like the record that ‘Is There Any Love’ was supposed to be. When they kept talking about me and Cudi in every magazine, this is the record I felt like they needed to hear — the one that everybody was going to get behind, and it was going to go top 40 and not be corny. This is like the best top 40 non-cheesy record that you’re ever going to hear in your life. That’s how I feel about it.”

Wale also spoke on how he and CuDi squashed the beef earlier this year, as he said he got a phone call but didn’t believe it was CuDi because his voice was different:

“The main reason why I didn’t believe it was him was because his voice was really light, and I remember it always being raspy. He was like, ‘I don’t smoke weed anymore, bro. My voice is changing. I’m about to hit you on Twitter right now. This is really me. I saw it was him. I was like, ‘Sup, man, how you been?’ He said, ‘I been good, man. I just wanted to get right to it: I know I’ve been acting kind of f—ed up and weird,’ and this that and a third and all that other personal sh–. He threw that out there, and we just made amends. The next morning, he called me like, ‘I just wanted to let you know I wasn’t high or anything when I called you. I really meant it.’ “

Wale added how he got CuDI on the record:

“I never really thought we capitalized off what we had. I sent him the beat, and we made this record I’ve been trying so hard to keep for myself for a long time.”

Wale recently released a new mixtape, The Eleven One Eleven Theory, which is a prelude to his sophomore release Ambition which is slated for a November 1st release.